Photo Diary: Ubud Monkey Forest

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ubud monkey forest bridge

One of the well-known tourist destinations in Ubud, Bali is the Sacred Monkey Forest, which is a sanctuary for the Balinese long tailed monkey, also called Macaque.

Free-roaming monkeys are part of Ubud’s charm. There are about 600 of them living in this forest. Here, you will find the monkeys just going about their daily lives, eating sweet potatoes and walking amongst throngs of tourists. They sometimes wander out of the forest, climbing on top of motorcycles in the parking area.

Aside from the monkeys, you will also find plenty of trees and three temples, namely the Pura Dalem temple, Holy Water Temple, and Cremation Temple.

ubud monkey forest gate

ubud monkey forest

ubud monkey forest

ubud monkey forest lone monkey

ubud monkey forest

ubud monkey family

ubud monkey forest

The monkeys are naturally attracted to tourists’ food items, but remember not to give them anything aside from the bananas you can buy at the banana counter inside the forest.

Also remember to keep your hands to yourselves! Touching and playing with the monkeys are highly discouraged for safety purposes.

You can visit the Ubud Monkey Forest from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

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