8 Reasons that Make Kubo Siargao the Perfect Home Away from Home

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Having traveled to the island of Siargao three times now, I got to try different kinds of accommodations, ranging from super cheap inns to mid-range resorts. However, this year, I was able to try a different kind of accommodation, a homestay.

With no fancy amenities, free breakfast, air conditioning, TV, and other stuff that resorts typically provide, Kubo Siargao Homestay may sound “incomplete” given that description, but it is actually the other way around. There’s a lot more to it that you will love.

Here are some reasons why you should stay at Kubo when you visit the island of Siargao…

Budget-friendly accommodation

For only Php 1,300 per night, you get to stay in a comfortable island-style room. There’s no air conditioning, but trust me, the fan is more than enough to keep you cool during the night. Plus, the rooms have mosquito nets if you’re ever worried of getting bitten by insects (even though there weren’t really much, based on our experience).

Each room has its own detached bathroom and outdoor shower.

Kubo has two main rooms: The Kubo Room and the Tower Room. However, there is now a new Bunk Bed room that comes with the Tower Room booking if more than two people are staying.

The bunk bed room was not yet finished during our stay, but HERE is what it looks like now.

The home-style kitchen

There’s a lot of must-try restaurants and cafes in Siargao, but if you want to spend less, cooking your own food would be the best option. We were able to save a lot on food expenses because we made use of Kubo’s kitchen to cook most of our meals and bought our supplies from the market in General Luna. Their kitchen has all the utensils and kitchenware that you will need, as well as basic condiments. All you have to buy are the main ingredients and then you can channel your inner master chef! :p

Cute house pets

Having lived with pets for years, I have found that, for me, they make a home complete. You may encounter conflicts with people at home, but your pets will always be there to make you happy, even if they become so frustrating at times! Haha.

When I travel, I always think about my pets and miss them, and while I still did during my recent trip to Siargao, our very cute furriends at Kubo filled in and gave me the kind of happiness and warmth that only animals can give. The moment we left, I started missing them already, especially the cats because they were the sweetest! Check out my Siargao story highlights on Instagram. 😉

If you love cats and dogs, you’ll love your stay in Kubo too.

Entertain yourselves with books and games

No TV? No problem! You can spend a quiet afternoon reading a book from their collection or have a fun evening playing games with your friends/family. Look up from your screens and enjoy each other’s company.

Accessibility to fresh coconuts

Siargao has a lot, and I mean A LOT, of coconut trees, but you’ll almost never see a vendor selling coconuts on the streets. The best way to get your dose of fresh coco in the island is to simply ask the locals where to get some. Someone would willingly climb a tree for you, for a minimal price, of course. If you’re feeling adventurous, climb a tree yourself. Haha. I’m (only half) kidding.

kubo siargao homestay

Have the place all to yourselves

If you are traveling with family or friends, Kubo is one of the best places to stay in because you get to enjoy exclusivity if you book all of their rooms. But of course, if you’re not traveling as a group, Kubo can also be the place where you meet other travelers and get to know them over a home-cooked dinner or a game of Twister. lol

Outdoor showers

As mentioned, Kubo has two detached bathrooms (with indoor shower) that comes with outdoor showers. Who doesn’t love outdoor showers in the island, right? Also, it saves a lot of time when you don’t have to wait for your turn to be able to wash up because there’s literally enough shower heads to go around, amiright? Haha.

Photo-worthy in all corners

Let’s face it. The Instagram-worthiness of a place is a great factor for many people when choosing an accommodation. At Kubo, you won’t have any problem finding a spot to point and shoot. Almost every corner had been seemingly built for that curated Instagram feed of yours. 😉

Before I forget…

Kubo has the nicest caretaker- ate Alang! She helped us find someone to get fresh coconuts, helped make arrangements with surfing instructors to take us to a nice surf spot away from General Luna, and helped us find where to buy replacements for the glassware that we accidentally broke. It was also great chatting with her about what life is like for the locals in Siargao, especially now that tourism has boomed and prices of basic commodities have increased.

Siargao isn’t just all about the surfing, beaches, and beautiful scenery. It is home to the locals. So, talk to the locals, get to know them, and you’ll understand what the island is really made of. 🙂

If you really want the closest thing to living the island life, I highly recommend Kubo. Sure, staying at a resort would definitely be very comfortable, but it’s also nice to steer away from the usual and try something that will give you a totally different kind of vacation.

I would like to thank Kai and Harvey of Kubo Siargao Homestay for inviting us to stay at their wonderful place. It made our trip a memorable one! ♥


  1. Hi Faith, it’s cool to find another blogger based in Cebu. Well, Kubo is not the cheapest you can find in Siargao but I like that it has a homey feel, plus having pets around makes its more comfy. I like that you can cook because it would sure add more value to your money, especially when you are on a shoestring budget.

    • The homey feel was definitely the best part for me! And I agree that it’s not the cheapest, but it’s really worth it, with everything that comes with it, experience included. 😉

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