Take Two: Bacalla Woods Campsite

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Back in 2016, I wrote a blog post about Bacalla Woods Campsite. It was a place where I felt like I was somewhere really far and secluded even though I was just actually a good two hours away from home. Thanks to zero network reception, it’s one of the best places to disconnect to connect… with nature and people.

I’ve been wanting to go back ever since, even considered it last year, but plans kept changing as there were so many places visit and things to do. Finally, last month, I had the chance to return. This was where I spent my Sinulog weekend with the boyfriend and college classmates.

If you’re craving for adventure, there are many different kinds of activities that Bacalla Woods can arrange for you. We had wanted go trekking to the 7 waterfalls, but we were advised to not push through with it because of the bad weather. Safety first!

Sleep deprived but thirsty for an adventure of some sort, we opted to go to a nearby river to cool off. As you can see, I was the most excited to get in the water. 😀 Thanks to Liv (and her very cute dog) from Bacalla Woods for accompanying us!

You can also visit a nearby waterfall, which I posted about before as well. You can swim, play around, practice your slacklining skills, or just relax in your hammocks. Check out my blog post about the nice waterfall in San Fernando here.

At the campsite, you will find a small shop that sells beaded bracelets. I found out about Kadaiya last year and have been wanting to get myself some of these. The reason behind this, though, is more than just because they look nice. Each bracelet actually symbolizes different kinds of mantras in life, crafted through the personal experiences of the individuals behind the brand.

They are more than just accessories. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve – no, slash that – it’s wearing your personality on your wrist. I got myself the Ginahawa and Indomitable bracelets. Find out more about these by visiting Kadaiya on Facebook.

I can say that my recent stay was completely different from the previous one. Bacalla Woods Campsite has gained a surge in popularity because of their makeshift skateboard swing that sort of resembles the famous Bali swings. Unlike in 2016, there are now more people visiting the campsite, which is is great if you’re looking to meet new friends!

For more information and to make your reservations, please visit Bacalla Woods Campsite on Facebook.


P.S. Many thanks to Mishael Ardona and our friends from Triscape Visuals for the photos used in this post!

xo Faith Mari


  1. Maygane d ra kaau daghang taw pag ari ninyo. The first time we went here, me & my boyfriend were their only guests, there’s no skate swing by that time just a rope nga magkapyot ra ka, mas kuyaw sha actually. Sukad nga na feature kay daghan na kaayog ganahan moadto pero igo ra mag gara2x, without considering the other campers kung magsaba2x.

    • Daghan na actually tao the second time we went. As in fully booked na sila pero daghan gihapon walk-ins pag evening. Di pareha pag first na kami ra jud tao. Haha. Bitaw, noisy na kaayo at night pero kevs oy tug lang gihapon ko sa akong hammock. Haha.

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