Good Food & Good Vibes at GRID Pad and Creative Campus

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Having lived in Talamban (Cebu) for most of my life, I’ve always had to travel to the “city” to be able to dine in restaurants, go shopping, or to simply just see cool stuff. However, in the recent years, this area has slowly started to boom, with many shops, restaurants, and malls opening up. While all of these have indeed brought in heavier traffic to our tiny roads, these have also made our lives a bit more convenient.

Now, there’s a new place that I can hang out in, without having to spend an hour (or more) on the road. Located in Nasipit, Talamban, this artsy hub offers delicious and affordable food, artistic inspiration, laundry service, and even living spaces.

This place is perfect not only for foodies, but also for students (because it’s a walking distance from USC-TC), and of course, artists. Just look at those beautiful paintings! ♥

I went here a couple of weekends ago, after diving in the morning with the boyfriend and supporting a friend with his Lego display during the ARCHcon event. It was a loooong day, but I was pleased to have ended it here.

My tummy was still so full from the Japanese food that I ate earlier that day, so I opted to get halo-halo for dinner (or dessert, whatever). I honestly forgot the name of the shop where I bought it from, but I can tell you that the halo-halo was yummy and it came with a big chunk of leche flan (yaaaas!), as you can see in the photo above. The shop is located near the entrance.

Next were the magic potions, i mean, flavored lemonades from The Plank Cafe. These cost Php 45 each, with “pixie dust” included. I was going to buy a matcha frappe to go with my halo-halo (I wanted to binge on sweets), but the shimmering sample drink caught my eye, so…

Play the video above to watch the glitter in action!

See that picture with the stocked up trailers? That’s what this place looked like before it was finished! I always pass by this area because it’s near my home and I remember getting curious a few months back about what they were going to do with all those trailer containers… and voila!

So, back to my sugar binge… I also got these chocolate goodies from Hideout Bakehouse, which is the tiny shop located at the entrance of GRID. The dark chocolate chip cookie is a must-try, I tell you! I crave for it every day. 😀

Other food items that you can have at GRID include barbecue meals, various Asian street food, cupcakes and cakes, and many more. You can even make your own bread art at The Plank Cafe!

GRID Pad and Creative Campus is currently on their soft opening. Apart from the shops, they also have dorm rooms for rent that are perfect for millennials. For more information, please visit

P.S. I will be updating this post with more photos and food reviews soon.

xo Faith Mari


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