My First Strawberry Picking Experience at La Trinidad, Benguet

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One of the things that I have always imagined myself doing since I was a child is picking fresh strawberries.

I’ve always loved strawberries, but I was never really satisfied by the pre-packed ones I found in grocery stores because I’d always end up eating sour strawberries. The good ones are usually imported, so they can be quite expensive too. When I went to Baguio a couple of months ago, I made sure to turn one of my childhood dreams into reality.

Located just about less than an hour from Baguio City is the famous strawberry plantation in La Trinidad, Benguet. This was our next stop after climbing Mt. Yangbew.



It was scorching hot at that time, and probably the only time sweat broke out from my pores during this trip, but I didn’t mind because I was so engrossed with choosing the perfect strawberries to put in my tiny basket.




After picking, we had our selection weighed. During our time of visit, the rate per kilo, along with the strawberry picking experience, was Php 450. I heard it varies depending on what time of the year you go there. The best time for this activity is around November to May. If you want to skip the picking part and just buy strawberries outside, the price is way cheaper, at around Php 200 per kilo.


Apart from the strawberry farms, there are also flower plantations in the area.


Outside the farms, you can find plenty of stall selling variations of strawberry-based goods. Strawberry jams, preserves, wines, candy- name it, they have it. If the rate for strawberry picking is too expensive for you, there are also fresh strawberries being sold in these stalls, and they come in different sizes!



The big strawberries are the sweetest, but the small ones aren’t bad either. You just have to wait for them to ripen. For my pasalubong, I got some bite-sized strawberries. If you’re traveling from a far place, it’s best to pick the ones that aren’t that ripe yet, or else, you’ll end up with rotten fruit when you get home.


Another thing that you shouldn’t miss out on is the strawberry ice cream! It tastes so good, you wouldn’t want to stop eating. It’s totally different from the commercialized strawberry ice cream. The first one I ate was purely strawberry, while my second cone had some bits of cheese in it.


How to Get There


There are jeepneys bound for La Trinidad in Baguio City. These can be found near the University of Baguio, in the General Luna area, where they wait for passengers. However, the jeepneys won’t take you directly to the farms. You’ll have to walk since it’s a bit far from the main road.


You can hail a cab anywhere in Baguio City and tell the driver to take you to the strawberry farms in La Trinidad. It won’t cost you much as taxi rates in Baguio are very affordable.

Have you been to La Trinidad Strawberry Farms? Tell me about your experience! 🙂

xo Faith Mari


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