Camping at Mt. Naupa: Easy Trail with a Rewarding View

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Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-2

Gone are the days when I can take on up to nine hours of trekking. Now, I’m back to beginner trails.

I got several invites from friends to climb Mt. Naupa in the past, but my work schedule always got in the way. Finally, I was able to find time for it last month, with my default adventure buddy, Mishael. 😀

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-11

Mt. Naupa, located in Naga City, Cebu, has become quite a popular destination among adventure seekers, and even casual hikers, as it is has a pretty straightforward trail that still rewards you with a stunning view when you reach the top.

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-10

Because we went to Mt. Naupa on a late Sunday afternoon, we were the only campers there. The only company we had were three mountain dogs and a bunch of local kids. The place is usually packed during Saturdays, according to the locals. A lot of people also visit during Holy Week.

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-34

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-14

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-5

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-21

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-4

The boyfriend and I hiked up the peak to watch the sunset, but it was cloudy. I swear, by the time we reached the top, a huge cloud was on its way to cover the sun. One thing I’ve noticed though, is that we seem to be always unlucky when it comes to sunsets- no matter where we go, no matter what month it is. When will we get a view that isn’t obstructed with clouds? I think the last time was already a long time ago. But anyway, the colors reflected on the clouds looming over Mt. Naupa made up for hiding Mr. Sun from us.

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-17

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-12

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-15

We ate our dinner inside the tent at around 7 PM. There were three dogs at the campsite who kept watching us from our tent windows because they smelled our food. Good thing I brought a pack of Skyflakes with me and they were able to eat something while we were having dinner. Haha. It was a cloudy night and there weren’t many stars visible in the sky to gaze upon. So for the after-dinner entertainment, we watched “Rogue One” on my phone. lol #thepiratelife

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-29

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-28

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-31

We woke up early the next day to watch the sunrise, but unfortunately, it rained. So, no sunrise for us! Double whammy. We even had to wait for the rain to stop before descending to avoid the slippery trail. Oh well.

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-32

Mt. Naupa, Naga, Cebu-33

How to Get there

Ride a jeepney bound for Tungkop, Minglanilla. Get off at the corner (landmark: Tinong’s Bakery?) where you can get a motorcycle to take you to Sto. Niño Cogon chapel. The start of the trail is on the left side of the chapel. If you’re doubtful of your navigation skills, you can get a local guide. There are many kids around who will volunteer.


Guide fee

Getting a guide is really optional. However, in our case, we got one because it was our first time. The kids asked for Php 100 and we agreed since it’s a way of helping the kid’s family anyway. Php 100 can go a long way for them even if it’s only a small amount for us. 🙂

Entrance fee

There is an entrance fee of Php 20 per person. You will pay this before you reach the campsite.

What You Should Know

  • You can drop by Gaisano Grand Mall Minglanilla to buy food supplies and ride a motorcycle going to the chapel from there.
  • The ascent takes only about 45 minutes, 1 hour max. The descent, on the other hand, can take just about 30 minutes.
  • There is a small store at the campsite during Saturdays. It closes some time in the afternoon the day after. When we got there at 5 PM on Sunday, it was already closed.
  • There is also another store before you reach the campsite, and just like the other one, it’s also open only on weekends.
  • You can witness both the sunset and sunrise in Mt. Naupa if the weather is great.
  • You’ll see a lot of airplanes passing by all day and all night long.
  • I read somewhere that you can also camp at the peak, but it’s important that you have a durable tent that could withstand the strong winds. However, camping at the peak will obstruct the view for other campers (assuming there are others around) who want to take photos of it, right?
  • As usual, remember to clean as you go. Keep the environment clean and green, everyone!

Since we weren’t able to see a proper sunset and sunrise during our time in Mt. Naupa, I think I’d like to go back for those someday. 🙂

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xo Faith Mari

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  1. Mt. Naupa is truly stunning. The green grass fields and the beautiful husky dogs that you’ll meet along the way are worth the climb. I’m glad that you were able to reach the peak of Mt. Naupa, which I guess is one of the best peaks in Cebu that offer a panoramic view. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Wow! Glad you’re back in action. Great photos by the way, even though the skies weren’t as friendly as expected. Climbing after a considerable time of hiatus is really a challenge. But anyway, I really recommend Naupa for just casual climbs. I just recently brought my friends there last April 8. They were all first time climbers/campers. And Mt. Naupa was successful in winning their hearts. Now they love camping and are waiting for my next invitation. Haha

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