It’s a Date: 9 Valentine’s Getaway Ideas in Cebu

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For couples who are tired of the typical restaurant dates, and for the singles who want to go out with friends (or alone) instead of sulking in a corner or posting bitter rants on social media this Valentine’s.

Guys and gals, Valentine’s Day (or the whole month of February), shouldn’t be filled with bitterness. Even though some of you might not have a significant other as of the moment, know that you are still loved by your friends and family. So, instead of spreading bitterness, go out and be inspired. There’s a lot to be thankful for in this life. We just need to focus on that. 🙂

If you haven’t decided where to go this Valentine’s Day (or after, since it falls on a weekday), and you don’t want to go for the usual restaurant dates, here are my suggestions.


Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden

The garden boasts its beautiful flower terraces, which are comprised of over 120 species of Cebu’s very own flora. It is the first botanical garden in terraces in the Philippines. You can hang out in one of the viewing decks, in the tables and benches around the garden, or at the cafe.

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Olango Island

Although it is a quiet island, there are several things you can do here with your loved one or friends. You can tour the island on bikes, visit resorts, go to the bird sanctuary, or explore the life underwater in the marine sanctuary. It’s only 30 minutes away from Mactan island.

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Tops Lookout

It never gets old as both tourists and locals still come to this place even after all these years. Among many others, it is, more often than not, included in every tourist’s itinerary when they are in Cebu. Here, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy looking over Cebu City. You can buy food there or bring your own.

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West 35 Eco Mountain Resort

Located 35 kilometers from the city, it will take you about an hour to reach this place. The view is spectacular and refreshing. You can dine in Haven Cafe, which is the restaurant in the resort. They currently have a promo wherein you can get a chance to win an overnight stay if you dine anytime from February 10-14, 2017. Details here. You may also check their Facebook page for available rooms and rates.

Hunahuna Cliff Resort

The Mediterranean-themed resort is the perfect place for a sweet escape. I recommend staying here overnight, instead of going on a day trip, because you will get to see one of the most beautiful sunrises in your lifetime! I love how this place gives me the feeling of being so far away from home, even if it’s just less than 2 hours away. You will easily find Hunahuna as it is just located along the road. When I blogged photos of the resort almost 3 years ago, I didn’t reveal where it was. lol

More photos here and here.

Fantasy Lodge

It is a small resort at the far end of Cebu and is well-known for their unique Kawa Hot Bath. If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, unwind, and unplug from the busy world, Fantasy Lodge might just be the place for you. It’s quite far from the city, but the long journey is worth it!

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Lambug Beach

This public beach in Badian is good for those of you who are on a tight budget this Valentine’s. The bus fare is only around Php 120 (per way). From the drop-off point, you’ll need to ride a tricycle going to the beach. The fare is Php 25 per person. Setting up your tent is free of charge and you can bring your own food. If you want to rent a table, it costs around Php 150. The place near the entrance can be quite crowded and noisy, so I suggest that you walk to the far end of the beach, which is more peaceful.

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Windows XP campsite

Nestled in one of the mountains in Alegria, far down south of Cebu, is this campsite with a jaw-dropping view. While it may look like the default Windows XP wallpaper (remember that?) in some angles, this beautiful place also holds a slight similarity to a dream destination of mine (and I’m pretty sure it’s yours, too) – Batanes. 

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Bacalla Woods

The campsite is very simple, so don’t expect anything fancy. However, no matter how simple it is, it definitely does not discount the rejuvenated feeling you get after spending a day away from everything. You can choose to camp out in your tents, or even hammocks! If you don’t have your own, they have hammocks available for rent.

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So, are you going on a day trip somewhere nearby, an overnight stay at a resort, or keep the budget to a minimum and camp out?

xo Faith Mari


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