A Relaxing Dip in Mainit Springs

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Hidden somewhere in the municipality of Malabuyoc, Cebu is a semi-natural wonder called Mainit Springs.

I said “semi” because while the source of the hot spring is natural, the pools that hold the water are not. The spring has been there since forever, and the locals usually just go there to bathe in the hot spring and do their laundry in the river stream.

There are four pools with different temperatures. The hottest one is at a scalding 42.6 degrees. We tried dipping our feet into the pool a few times, but each attempt only lasted for a few seconds. The locals said that if you slowly submerge your entire body into the water, you will start to get used to the temperature and not feel the pain anymore. We didn’t dare to do it. The ones at 36.1 and 35.8 degrees (photo above) were much favorable to us, so we settled for those. There’s another pool that has a temperature of 40 degrees, and it’s just beside the hottest one. We weren’t able to try it because it was being cleaned at the time. Although I was slightly disappointed, I was also happy that the place is being taken good care of.

When I saw a photo of Mainit Springs on Instagram, I thought it would be a good idea to go here after our trek and camping trip in Alegria, since it’s just nearby. I have known about its existence for a long time, but never really had the chance (and a reason) to visit. Anyway, going there was brilliant idea, I must say. The warm water seemed to have healed the sores and aches from hours of walking and sleeping uncomfortably in our tent.

It was such a relaxing experience that I wanted to stay there for hours, if only we weren’t hungry. We didn’t even bother to take a lot of photos, hence the lack of images in this blog post.


From the South Bus Terminal, get on a bus with the Bato via Barili route. This will take you to the town of Malabuyoc, where your destination is. Just tell the driver or kondukor to drop you off at Montañeza, the jump off point going to Mainit Springs. There’s a signage that would tell you if you’re at the right place.

Once you’re there, you have to ride a tricycle or habal-habal to get to the actual place. You will then find a reception area, where you would have to register and pay an entrance fee.

Entrance Fee

Php 20.00 per person


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Food & Beverages

You can buy food and beverages inside, but you are not allowed to bring these in the pools. There are designated areas where you can have your snacks/meals.

Best Time to Go

If you want to avoid people just like I do, find time to visit the place during weekdays. 😉

I’ve been to a hot spring in Camiguin and I can say that what we have here in Cebu is so much better! It’s a long journey going to Malabuyoc though, so it’s best that you make the most out of your trip by visiting other spots near the area as well. There’s also a waterfall nearby, but we were too exhausted to explore and had a beach trip to catch. Maybe some other time!

xo Faith Mari


    • Haha. Good for you, Jared. Didto ra mi sa katong sa center and the other one beside that. The people there said na if you submerge your whole body slowly into the hotter pools kay mada ra daw. Pero wa nalang jud mi ni-try. Hahaha.

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