Lunhaw Vegan Café

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Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-2

It’s that time of the year again! Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? I sure am as our pantry and fridge is completely full of delicious food (and not leftover dinner) for the first time in months! lol Aside from exchanging presents with friends and family, this season is the time for binging on delicious, unhealthy food. By all means, go ahead and eat everything you want because I know I will, too! I don’t believe in holding back during the holidays. You can always make up for it after anyway, right?

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-13

Speaking of making up for your holiday binge, I just found a cafe that might be the perfect place for your post-holiday cleanse!

Lunhaw Vegan Café recently opened its doors to vegans and curious eaters like myself. They serve delectable vegan dishes (obviously) that are surprisingly affordable. I think the main reason why we settle for unhealthy food is that they are more affordable than the healthy options. Before going to this place with my friends, I expected the food to be on the pricey side. But to our surprise, the prices were okay and the food tasted great!

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-5

I went here with my two friends for dinner and we definitely didn’t hold back in ordering everything we wanted.

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-3

Vegan Sisig (Php165.00)

…or Tofu Sisig. I was never a fan of tofu, but this one definitely changed my mind. It tasted like the real thing!

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-6

Vimbimbap (Php125.00)

The vegan version of the Korean bibimbap. I think I finished it in less than five minutes. I really like their fake egg as well. I don’t know what it’s made of, but it’s good. 😀

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-4

Watermelon Soy Shake (Php120.00)

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-7

PS Lasagna (Php150.00)

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-10

Sweet & Sour Tofish (Php125.00)

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-9

Mango Soy Shake (Php120.00)

I’ve always loved mango shake even when I was a kid. What I didn’t know was that an ordinary mango shake could taste even better with soy milk. I should really start making healthier choices. They’re not as bland and boring as I thought they were. Haha. This shake is really light on the tummy too.

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-11

Air Fries (Php130.00)

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe, Cebu-12

Vegan Ice Cream (Php120.00)

Nope, this green ice cream is not avocado flavored. It’s malunggay (moringa). I don’t even like malunggay, but I really liked this ice cream. I don’t know what I believe in anymore! Haha. Yes, it’s the one on the pricey side, but I swear it’s worth it! It melts quickly though, so you have to eat it fast. 😉

For a carnivore who can’t live a day without meat, I surprisingly enjoyed going vegan for a night. So, after we stuff ourselves with all the greasy, fatty goodness this holiday season, let’s try to make up for it by making healthier choices every once in a while.

FAVORITES: Vimbimbap, Tofu Sisig, Mango Soy Shake, Malunggay Ice Cream


PARKING: Yes (hotel parking area)


The Maxwell Hotel, North Escario Street, Cebu City

Have you been to Lunhaw Vegan Café? What are your favorites?

xo Faith Mari


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