Akita Japanese Restaurant: A Taste of Culture Through Your Palate

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Cebu has a lot of Japanese restaurants and a few have made it to my favorites. But knowing that these restaus don’t come cheap, I always get excited when I find one that won’t hurt my budget too much.

Akita Japanese Restaurant may not be the newest one in Cebu right now, but it’s a restaurant that you must pay a visit to.

They give their customers a taste of the Japanese culture through authentic Japanese dishes. It got its name from the town of Akita, where the owner is from. The restaurant is a humble space that doesn’t pride itself with fancy interior, but with delicious and healthy food that customers love to come back for.


From ramen, to donburi, to chicken karaage, to maki rolls, to gyoza- name it, they have it. They may not have sushi and sashimi, but who needs those when there are better options, right? The restaurant offers a wide selection of Japanese home-cooked dishes on their menu, I think the ones written on the small board were their best sellers, so we decided to get one of each.


Appetizer (free)

When the waitress finished taking our orders, we were then served with an appetizer made of bean sprouts. I think they serve a different appetizer every now and then, based on what I have observed in other people’s photos. (I always check the reviews before going to a restaurant.)


Miso Ramen – Php 265 (Php 150 only on Wednesdays!)

We ordered a spicy miso ramen thinking it wouldn’t be that spicy, but it turned out to be really, really spicy. It came in a huge serving, which I think could be shared by two people, depending on your appetite.

If you dine in the restaurants on a Wednesday, you can get this big bowl of ramen for only Php 150 pesos. More bang for your buck!


Butakimchi Don – Php 260 (Php 150 only for the whole month of December!)

It’s basically a rice bowl topped with stir-fried pork and kimchi. I definitely liked this one as pork and kimchi are always a good combination for me.

For the whole month of December, Akita Japanese Restaurant is offering this dish for only Php 150! It’s worth it, I promise.


Gyoza – Php 150

The gyoza was served in five bite-sized portions. However, I couldn’t judge the taste anymore because my tongue was already burning from the spicy ramen.  I’ll remind myself to go for the non-spicy ramen next time. Haha.


All in all, I think the food was great. However, we didn’t get to finish everything because we didn’t expect the ramen and donburi to come in such huge portions. 😀

By the way, have you seen the owner’s Miso Ramen version of the PPAP song? It’s so adorable! It was also one of the reasons why we wanted to check the place out. 😀

FAVORITE: Butakimchi Don


WI-FI: Yes



Unit 1 GND Arcade, F, Cabahug St , Kasambagan (across GAGFA)

For more information on promotions and what more the restaurant has to offer, visit Akita Japanese Restaurant on Facebook.

xo Faith Mari


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