Birdwatching in Olango Island

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Olango Island is only 30 minutes away from Mactan Island. It is well-known for its Wildlife Sanctuary where people can go birdwatching, which is the main attraction in the island.

I had already been to Olango last year, but wasn’t able to go to the wildlife sanctuary since the boyfriend and I got lost riding our bikes. lol Anyway, we were finally able to go birdwatching this time! There were a lot of birds, but they were quite far, so we were only able to view most of them through the telescope.






By the way, I made a short video. Check it out. I also have a new YouTube channel. 🙂






While it may seem that Olango Island doesn’t have much to offer besides its famous birdwatching spot, there are actually a few more things that you can do there, such as:

How to Get There

The jump-off point going to Olango Island is the small port beside Movenpick Hotel (previously Hilton Hotel).

Fees & Expenses

  • Boat: Php15.00 per person per way
  • Terminal fee: Php5.00 per person
  • Tricycle for Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary (roundtrip): Php240.00 (Php120.00 per way)
    • Tip: Ask the tricycle driver to pick you up at the sanctuary at a designated time. It will be more convenient that way since there may not always be an available mode of transportation going back to the port.
  • Sanctuary entrance fee: Php30.00 per person
  • Hilton Port parking fee: Php20.00 per hour (Ugh. IKR?)

What’s great about going to Olango Island is that it’s very easy and affordable! Will definitely go back for the marine sanctuary. Have you been there? I’d love to get some tips. 🙂

xo Faith Mari


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