Food Tripping in Siargao

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I had a great time in Siargao, and so did my tummy!

Siargao isn’t only a surfer’s haven; it’s a paradise for foodies as well. If you want to explore the gastronomic goodness that the island has to offer, a food trip is a must!

In this blog post, I’ll be reviewing each of the restaurants/cafes that we went to during our recent trip. I’ll also be including the expenses for each place, for those who are traveling to Siargao soon, so you would get an idea of how much you’ll be spending if you decide to dine there.


Shaka Siargao

I looked up popular food places in Siargao before going there and Shaka was among those. They serve these really cute and colorful smoothie bowls, or “power bowls” as they call it.

Siargao - Where To Eat-2

You can get a delicious smoothie bowl for Php250. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but what healthy meal isn’t? Right? Haha. The photo below shows the Cloud 9 Kook and Bakunawa bowls. They were quite filling, surprisingly. So, I think the price was just right.

Siargao - Where To Eat

Other places where you can buy smoothie bowls: Pleasure Point Cafe and Arka Hayahay.

Expenses: 2 smoothie bowls = Php500.00

Arka Hayahay

We stayed at Arka Hayahay during our last night in Siargao, so we ate breakfast at the resort before heading to the airport.

What to do in Siargao Island-8

I have to say I was surprised that their food was actually affordable. We booked a room with no breakfast, but I ended up being happy with that decision because we were able to save a hundred pesos by buying our breakfast separately. Every peso counts, you know. lol

Siargao - Where To Eat

Expenses: 2 breakfast meals + 2 bottles of water = Php395.00

Cafe Loka

This place is nestled in a quiet part of Cloud 9.

Siargao - Where To Eat-2

I had a delicious sandwich and a glass of orange-mint juice. I wanted lemon, but they didn’t have it, so I settled for orange. You can actually choose your own juice mix. I heard they serve great coffee too, but I don’t drink (or try my best not to drink) coffee anymore, so I wouldn’t know. lol

Siargao - Where To Eat

Wheat pancakes! This is something new to us since we’re not healthy eaters at all. They were pretty good though.

Siargao - Where To Eat-3

In front of the cafe, there’s a hammock and some beach chairs. A great spot to spend your downtime in the island!

Expenses: Sandwich with side salad + Pancakes + 2 glasses of fresh juice = Php640.00


Aventino’s Pizza, Pasta and Vino

The very first thing we ate in Siargao was pizza from Aventino’s. I read good reviews of their pizza online, so we made sure to try it.

Siargao - Where To Eat

Apart from this pizza being almost close to perfection, it had three layers. Three freaking layers, you guys. What a beautiful thing. I highly recommend this!

Siargao - Where To Eat-2

Expenses: Pizza + 1 bottled juice + 1 bottled soda + 1L bottle water = Php415.00

Kermit Surf Resort and Restaurant

Kermit is another one of the laid-back restaurants in the island. It’s quite popular too.

Siargao - Where To Eat-2

I’m very critical when it comes to carbonara. Since I can cook the dish myself, I rarely get impressed by carbonara dishes in restaurants. This one was pretty good. It was very simple, with a classic egg yolk base (I think), and the pasta was cooked perfectly.

Siargao - Where To Eat

The pizza was amazing as well. What’s great about their pizza is that you can choose your own toppings! So, basically, how your pizza tastes will depend on what you decide to put on it. If it’s not good, it’s probably your fault. lol

Siargao - Where To Eat-3

We were surprised at how generous their servings were. We expected the Mango Float to be small, just like what most restaurants here in Cebu serve, but it wasn’t.

Siargao - Where To Eat-4

Expenses: Pizza + Cabonara + Affogato + Mango Float = Php900.00

(Ouch! That’s what happens when you order dessert out of the blue, without even bothering to ask for the price. lol)


Please Point Cafe

It was a funny story, actually. We were just about to leave Kermit when I got a notification on my phone that Pleasure Point Cafe liked one of my photos. So, we opened Google Map and looked for this place. Haha! Luckily, it was just nearby.

Siargao - Where To Eat-4

As I mentioned previously, you can also get smoothie bowls here. They have cheesecake, pancakes, and crepes too, but we settled for lemonade as we went here just right after having lunch at Kermit.

Siargao - Where To Eat-3

Siargao - Where To Eat-2

Sorry for this! Somebody was dead tired. lol

Siargao - Where To Eat

What I liked most about this place, apart from its very laid back atmosphere: THIS PUPPY! The cutie kept chewing on my hands and arms. Hahaha.

Expenses: 2 glasses of lemonade = Php180.00


Mama’s Grill

If you like to dine on a budget, this is the place to go. Mama’s Grill is like Matias here in Cebu, but waaaaaay better and CHEAPER!

Siargao - Where To Eat

The place is always packed, especially at 7PM onwards, so you have to patiently wait for your order. We ate here twice and made sure to come in earlier the second time around, before 7PM, so we can get our food faster.

Expenses: BBQ + drinks = Php240.00-Php255.00

Harana Surf Resort

One of the many suggestions from friends was the restaurant in Harana. I really liked the ambience, which is lively and laid back at the same time.

It has a hipster vibe to it, if you ask me.

Siargao - Where To Eat-6

Siargao - Where To Eat

Siargao - Where To Eat-3

Siargao - Where To Eat-5

Siargao - Where To Eat-4

And then there’s the Php300 Halo-halo. I thought it was overpriced at first, but when we got to taste it, boy it was worth every peso. It was the best Halo-Halo we’ve tasted so far because of the “secret” ingredient inside. Instead of plain shaved ice, they used something else for the base. Want to know what it is? Then try it for yourself! Haha. We even came back for the halo-halo the night before we went home to Cebu.

Siargao - Where To Eat-7

The cute resident pug in Harana.

Siargao - Where To Eat-2

We were serenaded by this kid and everyone really paid attention. It was so nice to see people coming together like that. We also heard that there’s an acoustic session in Harana every Saturday.

Expenses: Rice bowl + Halo-halo = Php550.00

We probably spent more money on food than anything else. But we couldn’t help it! Siargao is a foodie heaven too.

Tip: If you want to make the most out of a food trip, ask for service water. Most restaurant have it. Don’t be shy! Haha.

What to expect: Good food and dogs… they’re everywhere! Not that I’m complaining. I love dogs!

We’re going back next year, so if you have other places to suggest, please do. It’s never too early. lol Thanks!

xo Faith Mari


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