The 3 Islands in Siargao You’ll Fall in Love With

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NOTE: This post has been updated with newer photos taken in 2017 and 2018.

Not going to Siargao to surf? Here’s what you can do.

Siargao isn’t a place only for surfing. It has so many gems, and these three islands are some of those. When you travel to Siargao, you cannot simply leave without going on an island hopping trip. It’s a must, especially for non-surfers.

The jump-off point is in General Luna. If you’re coming from Cloud 9, you can arrange for a motorcycle ride to go there.

siargao island hopping

That’s the motorcycle driver and the boatman. I forgot their names, but I remember that they were very nice to us. Haha!

The trip to the first island went smoothly and didn’t take very long. I think it was just around 20 minutes.

Naked Island

First stop. No naked people here, sorry. It’s just a bare white island with patches of grass(?) and a roofless tent.

If you plan to spend a lot of time here, be sure to bring your own food and drinks. The swimming area is on the opposite side of the docking area. Also, there is no entrance fee for this island. Well, of course. It’s empty.

Daku Island

This island is the biggest among the three, hence the name ‘Daku’ which means ‘big’ in bisaya. You would have to pay a boat docking fee of Php100 when you get there. However, we weren’t able to pay because nobody asked us and we only found out later from our boatman when we arrived back at the mainland. lol #sorry

You can rent a cottage for Php250 and stay as long as you want (I think). But since we didn’t include that in our budget, we laid a scarf on the sand and put our stuff there. #budgetarian

For me, this island resembles paradise.

Looking at these photos, I already miss its calmness and the feeling of the fine white sand under my toes. And rolling on it too.

If the weather is nice, you can get a good view sunset here. The photo above was taken during pre-sunset.

Guyam Island

A friend told us that Guyam Island is the best island to watch the sunset from. So, we went there just before the sun was about to set, hoping it would still work out for us despite the weather.

It’s very near Daku Island, but it’s so much smaller. Also, you will have to pay an entrance fee of Php10 per person.

I think that Guyam Island has to be my favorite when it comes to taking photos. There are several spots and angles here that you can experiment with.

If only it wasn’t a gloomy afternoon, we would have seen the beautiful sunset we kept hearing about. This is the closest thing we got. But it’s okay; there’s always a next time. We’ve already agreed to go back next year. Siargao is so addicting!

Island hopping in Siargao costs around Php1,200-1,500. It really depends on who you ask. As for us, the a habal-habal (motorcycle) driver, whom we hired to drive us to a restaurant for lunch, offered us a rate of only Php1,200. We went island hopping right away during our first day. We had the boat to ourselves and had the freedom to stay as long as we wanted in each island. The rate also included the motorcycle ride to the jump-off point in General Luna and back to our resort in Cloud 9.

If you want another option, Kermit Surf Resort also offers an island hopping package (with food and drinks) for Php1,000 per person. However, it will be a scheduled trip and you’ll be sharing the boat with other people.

Have you tried island hopping in Siargao? Which island is your favorite? 🙂

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xo Faith Mari


    • Hi there! It depends. If you go for the exclusive trip, the duration will completely be up to you since you’ll rent the boat all for your group. However, if you go for the resort-arranged island hopping trips, it will take a whole day. And that is already inclusive of food and drinks. 🙂

    • Hi there! Sorry, I wasn’t able to save the contact number. But don’t worry. There’s a place along the Cloud 9 area where you can see island hopping boats and book your trip from there. There’s a signage near the road, so it will be easy for you to find it. 🙂 Hope this helps!

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