Brunch with a View

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West 35, Balamban, Cebu-32

Brunch is a hundred times better up in the mountains.

Last week, the boyfriend and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. Yay! We drove up to the foggy transcentral highway in the morning to have brunch in a place with a beautiful view: at West 35 Eco Mountain Resort.

West 35, Balamban, Cebu

Travel time took about an hour… I think.

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-2

I’ve heard about this place a long, long time ago, but we never had the chance to go there since it was too far. Thankfully, we were finally able to go and my tiny old car survived the journey! lol


Since the place is sort of in the middle of nowhere, expect the food prices at the restaurant (Haven Cafe) to be sort of expensive too.

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-12

We ordered a two-flavored pizza combo: Ham & Cheese and Hungarian Sausage. It was good!

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-13

The Chicken Sisig, however, wasn’t. It’s basically like chicken halang-halang, but placed in a sizzling platter.

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-15

Good thing there was dessert.

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-17

After brunch, we began exploring the place.

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-11

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-26

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-8


West 35, Balamban, Cebu-27

This is their hotel. If you want to stay overnight with your friends/family, they have rooms that can accommodate up to 6 people! You can check out their Facebook page for room rates here.

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-16

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-30

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-21

We saw a baby snake (with a size of an earthworm) there. Watch your steps!

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-4


West 35, Balamban, Cebu-5

Never too old for playgrounds!

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-28

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-31

West 35, Balamban, Cebu-20

Brunch was indeed better with scenery as beautiful as this, even if the food wasn’t perfect. Overall, I’d rate it 8/10. Would I go back? Probably. And maybe next time I could stay overnight!


Do you have other suggestions of places where I could dine with a view? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment! 🙂

xo Faith Mari

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