Biking in Olango Island

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Olango Island, Cebu-8

How do you usually spend your weekends?

Do you go shopping? Go food tripping at the newest restaurants in town? Go on a new adventure with your friends? Go responsible adult mode and run errands for your family? Or just stay in bed and binge-watch movies and TV shows all day? My weekends are pretty random, I must say. But if I had unlimited time and money, with zero responsibilities, I’d choose adventure and travel over everything else!

Olango Island, Cebu

Olango Island, Cebu-5

Last weekend, we headed to Olango Island. However, we didn’t get to explore the entire island on bikes because the heat just made it impossible.

Olango Island, Cebu-10

When we arrived at the port in Olango, we hired a tricycle to take us to Candagsao, where we rented two bikes as our mode of transportation around the island. The rentals are super cheap at P10/hour!

Olango Island, Cebu-6

Olango Island, Cebu-13

When you go to a new place without a proper itinerary, you end up getting lost in random places. And by following a signage we saw along the road, we ended up in Asinan Island Eco-Tourism Park.

Olango Island, Cebu-20

Olango Island, Cebu-15

Olango Island, Cebu-14

Olango Island, Cebu-18

Olango Island, Cebu-4

Olango Island, Cebu-17

Honestly, you couldn’t do much here during low tide (especially at noon). I found nice pictures of the place online and it definitely looks better and livelier during high tide. View the pictures here.

Olango Island, Cebu-19

Olango Island, Cebu-21

Olango Island, Cebu-9

Olango Island, Cebu-22

We were supposed to go to the bird sanctuary next, but when we asked around, the locals told us that it was too far considering that we were only on bikes. And because we aimed to go back to the mainland before sundown, we changed route and headed to Talima resort instead.

Olango Island, Cebu-26

Olango Island, Cebu-23

Olango Island, Cebu-24

Their “cottages” have comfy beds instead of the usual tables and chairs.

Olango Island, Cebu-27

Olango Island, Cebu-29

We spent our time at the resort soaking in the pool, talking about random stuff, and enjoying the sea breeze. It was nice to relax a bit after hours of biking under the sun. Needless to say, we came back to the city with sunburnt skin as red as crispy lechon. Haha

Going to Olango Island is quite easy. To get there, just go to the port beside Movenpick Hotel. You will then have to pay a terminal fee of P5/person and a boat fare of P15/person. Easy and affordable, right?

We’re going back soon for the bird and marine sanctuary! If you’ve been there, can you share some tips? Thanks! 🙂

xo Faith Mari


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