Braving the Streets of Silay

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Silay is filled with beautiful ancestral homes, all 31 of them.

However, I didn’t get to see each one of them because I was just wandering around without a map/guide. I even got lost at some point. Anyway, I promised you I’d blog about everything that happened in between during my mini walk-a-thon in Silay, so here it is.

From Sugarland Hotel in Bacolod City, I rode two jeepneys and then a bus to Silay City. My first stop was actually El Ideal, a famous bakery in Silay, where I bought some butterscotch and bottled water. After that, I found my way to Balay Negrense.

Silay City, Bacolod-3

Silay City, Bacolod-4

This is the monument that commemorates the Negros Revolution that happened on November 5, 1898. It marked the end of the Spanish rule, and every year, they celebrate Cinco de Noviembre.

Silay City, Bacolod

The Antonia dela Rama Ancestral House.  

Silay City, Bacolod-5

Does anyone know if this is an ancestral home and whose is it? I tried my best to look it up online, but I really can’t find it.

Silay City, Bacolod-6

The Sen. Jose Corteza Locsin Ancestral House.  

Silay City, Bacolod-10

The Digna Locsin Consing Ancestral House.  

Silay City, Bacolod-7

Silay City, Bacolod-8

I got hungry and stopped by Cafe 1925 for some cake and frappuccino. Unfortunately, because I was hungry and distracted, I forgot to take a photo of the cafe. But, to make it easier for you to find it when you visit Silay, check out this link for a photo I found online.

The San Diego Pro-Cathedral. I wanted to spend some time inside, but they were preparing for a wedding. So, I just stayed outside to rest for a couple of minutes.

My last stop, as I’ve said in my previous post, was the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum.

It was so unfortunate that I went to Silay on the 6th of November. I didn’t get to see how they celebrate Cinco de Noviembre! My mom had to attend a convention in Bacolod and I just tagged along because I wanted to explore the place. I’ve already been to Bacolod two years ago, but it was for work and all I did with my free time was eat.

Have you been to Bacolod, especially Silay City? Tell me about it. Feel free to share your links. 🙂

xo Faith Mari

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