My Thoughts on Manila Ocean Park

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So, here’s the last post from our Manila trip. I’ve taken so long to write this because I couldn’t make up my mind.

What did I really think about what I saw in Manila Ocean Park?

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First, there was the jellies, which I absolutely loved. If only there were benches and if only I wasn’t bringing my heavy backpack, I would’ve stayed longer and stared at the jellies dancing to classical music for hours. They looked absolutely stunning!

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This part of the Oceanarium was pretty cool, but also quite small. I guess I expected more.

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The variety of marine life was overwhelming, especially considering the fact that I don’t know (and cannot remember) most of their names. LOL.

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Somehow, I felt sad for the bigger sea critters that were placed in the tanks. I know I’m not an expert at marine life and how all these critters normally behave, but to me, they looked kinda sad. There were others, but I didn’t want to take pictures anymore. Also, although I didn’t get to see it myself, I heard about the penguins and the fake snow, which made me even sadder.

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And there you have it. I obviously had mixed feelings about Manila Ocean Park. If I’m going to be around the area again, I’m probably not going to pay another visit. But that’s just me. If you have kids, they’ll surely have fun if you take them here. So, go ahead and do it.

xo Faith Mari


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