How to Get Unlimited Rides at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

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I love amusement parks. Sadly, there aren’t any good ones here in Cebu.

There used to be one, but it had only a few rides and it was destroyed by a tornado back in 2013. And because somehow my boyfriend and I are like kids trapped in grown-up bodies, we have always wanted to visit Sky Ranch in Tagaytay, and luckily, we were finally able to do so!


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Did you know that you can go on as many rides as you can at Sky Ranch for only P350? You simply have to purchase a voucher online, and you’re good to go! We got our vouchers from Metrodeal. Take note that the promo may not be available all the time, so you have to wait (patiently) until it becomes so. I waited for weeks, but it was all worth it! Apart from the rides, you would have to pay an entrance fee of P80 during weekdays or P100 during weekends.

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A single ride on the Sky Eye is worth P150 per person. We rode it probably about 5 to 6 times. If it weren’t for our vouchers, we would have spent more than P1,000! We got on the Carousel 4 times, and once on the Nessi Coaster and the Flying Bus. So, the P350 voucher was indeed a good deal, right? We didn’t get to go on the other rides though because it rained.

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There are restaurants and food stalls in the park, so you don’t have to worry about going hungry. I think you can bring your own food too, but I’m not sure. If you don’t want to dine in the restaurants, you can eat your snacks in the gazebos or while walking around. Also, there are souvenir shops around, so you can keep a piece of Tagaytay with you when you go home.

Have you been to Sky Ranch yet? Tell me about your experiences!

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