Camiguin Day 1: The Island Tour

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Finally, my wanderlust has been fed once again! Brace yourselves, this is one long post.

Anyway, last year, I booked a flight to Camiguin with Cebu Pacific Air’s Piso Fare promo. At long last, my boyfriend-slash-travel buddy and I were able to fly to the beautiful island!

When we arrived at the Camiguin Airport (7AM), we were fetched by a motorela, which I pre-arranged days before our flight. Since it was a special trip, we paid the driver P100.00. We then checked in at Enigmata Treehouse Ecolodge, which I will be blogging about soon.

Our first stop was at DENR, where we acquired our mountain climbing permits (P200.00/head) to be used on the following day. I will be blogging about our Mt. Hibok-Hibok experience next. We also met our mountain climbing guide, kuya Ronald Rabile at the DENR office. As we discussed our plans with him, we came to a decision to get him as our island tour guide as well. I made a travel itinerary months prior to our flight, but we let him create a better one for us.

For island tours, kuya Ronald charges tourists P1,200.00 per day. However, since we got him as our mountain climbing guide, he gave us a discount and charged us with only P800.00 per day. Please note that the island tour rate is fixed; he will only give you a discount if you get him as your mountain climbing guide too.

Right after we got out permits, we began our tour! The following are the attractions that we visited during our first day in Camiguin, in order:

Macao Cold Spring

Entrance fee: None.

This is one of my favorite places in Camiguin. The beauty of this place is so natural. It looks enchanted! I hope they won’t do any changes to it. However, when you go there, be sure to watch your step because the mossy rocks are too slippery. If you’re not careful, you might end up on your butt just like I did. LOL

Macao Cold Spring (5)

Macao Cold Spring (1)

Macao Cold Spring (4)

Macao Cold Spring (6)

Macao Cold Spring (7)

Macao Cold Spring (2)

Katibawasan Falls

Entrance fee: P30.00/head

This is a really nice place to chill and enjoy the view. However, you won’t be able to go near the falls because the current is too strong.

Katibawasan Falls (1)

Katibawasan Falls (3)

Katibawasan Falls (4)

Old Volcano

On the way to our next destination, we stopped somewhere to take photos of the famous Old Volcano and the surrounding area.

Old Volcano Camiguin (1)

Old Volcano Camiguin (3)

Old Volcano Camiguin (5)

Walkway to the Old Volcano

Entrance fee: P10.00/head

The path leads to the formerly called Mt. Vulcan. This is also were the residents (and tourists as well) have their Stations of the Cross. We didn’t go inside, however.

Camiguin Walkway

Sunken Cemetery

Entrance fee: None, but the people who would take your photos are going to ask for donations. You can give them any amount.

This cemetery “sunk” when Mt. Vulcan erupted in the 1870s. If you want to go to the cross, you would have to rent a bangka for P100.00. Also, for a more scenic view, go there during sunset.

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery

Old Church Ruins

Entrance fee: None, but there is a donation box. You can put in any amount.

This church is the oldest structure in Camiguin. It was destroyed during the eruption of Mt. Vulcan (now called the Old Volcano).

Camiguin Old Church (3)

Camiguin Old Church (1)

Camiguin Old Church (4)

Camiguin Old Church (7)

Camiguin Old Church (2)

Soda Swimming Pool

Entrance fee: P30.00/head

This wasn’t originally in our itinerary, but I’m glad that we were able to squeeze it in because the place was very relaxing, especially when there aren’t a lot of people around. The pool is filled with soda water, hence the name. Also, they have a faucet where you can drink soda water for free. Basically, soda water tastes like soda without the fizz. You have to try it.

Soda Swimming Pool Camiguin (1)

Soda Swimming Pool Camiguin (3)

Tuasan Falls

Entrance fee: None.

The water is shallow here, but you still can’t go near the falls because the current is too strong; it might suck you in. However, you can still enjoy swimming in the slightly deeper part and bask in the beautiful sight that nature has to offer.

Tuasan Falls (1)

Tuasan Falls (3)

Tuasan Falls (5)

Tuasan Falls (6)

Tuasan Falls (2)

And that’s a wrap! We had so much fun during our first day, thanks to kuya Ronald. The next thing that I’m going to blog about is our Mt. Hibok-Hibok adventure. Stay tuned!

xo Faith Mari


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