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DISCLAIMER: This trip happened back when I was completely unaware of the unethical whaleshark tourism in Oslob. I discourage going here now, and recommend seeing whalesharks in the wild instead.

seafari top view

While everybody else was in #LaBoracay, I spent my labor day weekend at a sort of quieter place in the south of Cebu… Oslob. We stayed at Seafari Resort, and the image above was what greeted us upon entering the gate.

seafari resort shore

seafari resort infinity pool

I liked the resort because it was quiet and comfortable. I’ve read bad reviews about Seafari Resort on TripAdvisor, but when we got there, I actually liked it. They have easy access to the beach, the rooms were clean, they have a swimming pool, and they serve delicious cheeseburgers.

If there was any challenge whatsoever that we faced while we were in the resort, it would have to be the stairs. To be able to reach the beach, rooms, restaurant, and everything else, you would have to walk down the huge flight of stairs first. My knees were shaking so bad! Some of the steps were kind of steep too. It would be best to pack light if you’re planning to stay at Seafari, so that you won’t be too exhausted going down (and up) the stairs.

seafari resort top view

seafari resort oslob 3

seafari resort oslob 1

Oslob definitely has one of the clearest waters here in Cebu.

seafari resort shore 1

seafari resort cheeseburger

bangka in oslob

Oslob is known for its main tourist attraction: the whale sharks. However, there are other things that you can do there, such as going to the Tumalog Falls (like what my friends and I did last year), snorkeling (you can find a variety of fishes and even Pawikans there), or you can also just… chill.

oslob cebu (2)

oslob snorkeling

floating in oslob beach (1)

oslob rock formations

We found this uncrowded chill spot while walking along the beach! I could have spent the entire morning in this position.

paddleboat going to whaleshark watching area

When in Oslob for the first time, you shouldn’t miss going to swim the whale sharks. The resort that we stayed at offered free transfers (via paddle boat) to the whale shark watching area. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get there.

oslob butanding

oslob whaleshark go pro

oslob snorkeling 1

oslob whaleshark

swimming with whaleshark

whaleshark oslob

Although swimming with the whale sharks is quite expensive (P500 for Filipinos and P1,000 for foreigners – yes, that’s tourism in the Philippines), the experience was truly worth it! I’ve been to Oslob many times before, but it was only recently that I was willing to become 500 pesos poorer for the experience. lol

luke skywalker f&h shirt

That’s a wrap! I had so much fun this weekend. I wonder where I’m going next. Hmm. What are you up to this summer season?

xo Faith Mari


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