Bucket List Achievements and Camping Tips

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Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-8

Last weekend, I was able to to tick two items off my bucket list: trekking and camping.

Looking back at my 20-year-old self, I would have disliked the idea of sleeping on a rocky surface and smelling cow turd in the air. When I revised my bucket list for the second time, I decided to include things that I am uncomfortable with, such as trekking and camping.

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-19

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-23

First, I hate walking long distances. Second, I am afraid of heights. Third, the lack of bathroom facilities does not sound very appealing to me.

Anyway, here are the photos from our camping trip at Osmeña Peak. Watch out for my camping tips later in this post.

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-5

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-10

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-13

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-21

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-15

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-18

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-31

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-30

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-24

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-28

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-11

Osmena Peak 2015 from Travel Knots on Vimeo.

Camping tips from the newbie camper:

  • Only bring what you can carry. I have heard stories about trekkers/campers letting their guides (who are children, by the way) carry all of their heavy bags on the way to the camp site. By doing so, you’re beating the purpose of your trip. It may be fine if you let your guide carry some of your things if you really can’t do it yourself, but certainly NOT ALL OF YOUR THINGS.
  • Bring easy-open canned goods and disposable utensils. I made sure to pack at least three easy-open Century Tuna Paella for our camping trip.
  • Bring enough drinking water. You will certainly need hydration after trekking, as well as in the entire duration of your camping trip.
  • Do not forget your jacket and blanket. It can get very cold, especially during night until dawn.
  • If you are uncomfortable with peeing outdoors, especially if you’re a girl, bring something that you can pee in.
  • Always bring wet wipes. Even when you are temporarily living in the great outdoors, never forget about your hygiene.
  • Bring a large plastic bag to protect your belongings in case it rains.
  • Bring another large plastic bag in which you can throw your garbage. Never ever litter on the camp site… or anywhere at all!
  • Lastly, let the other campers enjoy the beautiful views by not hogging the great viewing spots all to yourself. If you’re done taking pictures and taking all the beauty in, move along and give the others a chance. Just like you, they did not camp out for nothing.

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-36

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xo Faith Mari


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