On Top Of Everything: Rancho Cancio

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rancho cancio by Kevin Jethro (3)

Literally, on top of everything. I have finally mustered up the energy to put something up here this week. The photos that you will be seeing in this post were taken from last week’s sort-of-Christmas-party with my friends up in the mountains at Rancho Cancio.

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Rancho Cancio is a private-owned rest house. You need to contact the owner and make a reservation before you can rent out the place. The place is indeed far from the city and it is usually fully-booked, which is why it is advisable that you make your reservation or inform the owner ahead, even if you are just visiting.

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Rancho Cancio (3)

rancho cancio by Kevin Jethro (1)

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The huge property is undeniably beautiful. It’s perfect for relaxation and just chilling (figuratively and literally) with your friends and family. If you don’t have enough supply of body heat, just like me, don’t forget to bring a sweater. Lol. Oh, they have karaoke too! As for the food, I wasn’t too impressed. I’ll just leave it at that.

Rancho Cancio (20)

It’s nice to feel like you’re on top of everything for once, even for just a day. No problems, no pressure, just you – swimming in a cold infinity pool that faces a breathtaking view of the neighboring mountains (and the sunrise too if it doesn’t get foggy).

Rancho Cancio is located in Adlaon, Cebu City – just a few kilometers away from Ayala Heights. For inquiries and reservations, please send an email to mountainfarmcebu@gmail.com.

xo Faith Mari


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