Go Parasailing, Check!

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Boracay Island-59

Another one for the bucket list!

Boracay Island-57

Boracay Island-55

It wasn’t scary at all. I actually loved the sound of the wind in my ears while we were x meters up in the air (I forgot to ask. I was overwhelmed!).

Boracay Island-60

Boracay Island-62

The standard rate for Parasailing in Boracay is P1,500 for a 15-minute ride but if you try to haggle as hard as we did, you can get it for P1,200. It’s still pricey but it was the cheapest one that we found since the all the companies have set a uniformed rate of P1,500 (according to the locals). You’ll find a lot of people offering you adventures and stuff along the beach. It’s best to ask as many of them as you can and haggle as hard as you can to get the best prices.

Boracay Island-56

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xo Faith Mari

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