Paddle Board Surfing in Boracay

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Boracay Island-42I got to do something for my bucket list again (sort of)! This was unplanned because I didn’t know that I could (sort of) surf in Boracay. What I originally had in mind was to cross off “become a mermaid” from my bucket list by getting mermaid lessons. Mehe.

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I read Soul Surfer back in high school. You know the true story about this amazing female surfer whose arm got bitten off by a shark? Well, there are no sharks in Boracay and the water was not too deep so I gathered all my confidence to try surfing, or paddle board surfing, and cross it off my bucket list once and for all.

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I’ve always admired surfers that I see on TV and I secretly wanted to have the skills that they have. Given that I have weak balancing skills (on land) I surprisingly did pretty good on water. Our instructor said that it’s easier to surf when you’re lightweight. I’ve always felt that my weight was a major flaw and I never thought that I could use it as an advantage for anything. Ha! Points for me!

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Paddle board surfing lessons in Boracay cost about P700/hour. You can share the board with a friend and take turns to save money. The waves aren’t too harsh and the water isn’t deep compared to other surfing spots in the country. I think Boracay can be a decent surfing spot for beginners like me. If you’re already a pro, you can also rent an actual surf board for P500/hour. The rates are negotiable so make sure you bring your haggling skills with you!

I have to admit, learning how to surf was exhausting and my shoulders were really sore the following day. But I had so much fun and I would have done it again if it weren’t for the typhoon. Oh well, next time!

xo Faith Mari

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