Boracay’s White Beach

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Boracay Island-29

Hello! I’ve been so excited to share these photos with you guys. Last week, I traveled to the beautiful island of Boracay for the first time. Yes, it was my first time and yes, I know you probably think I’m such a loser. For your information, I was deprived of travelling back in my teen years so forgive me if I sound like a loser right now. Hahaha. Anyway, I shall leave you with these photos while I get ready to doze off.

Boracay Island-19

Boracay Island-46

Boracay Island-17

Boracay Island-26

Boracay Island-15

Boracay Island-6

Boracay Island-16

Boracay Island-28

<Boracay Island-22

These photos were taken along Boracay’s famous white beach. If I lived in the island, I would probably go barefoot all the time.

Boracay Island-11

There’s something about the sun, sand, and sea that makes me feel so good. Being near the water never fails to cheer me up and forget about everything. Maybe I was a mermaid in my past life… or a crab… or a turtle. I’ll be posting 2 more parts (i think) of my travel diary soon. Ciao for now. Good night!

xo Faith Mari

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